During the constant search of an uncompromising cable sound, designers from the Arkana Research company have conducted numerous studies. They have developed a set of specific measures which allowed the company to bring the sound of its products to a new level, that had never been reached before.


Arkana Research announces the global renovation of its main cable lines (“blue”, “gray” and “purple”).

Upgraded versions of the cables have MKII mark. Design of all three cable lines has been significantly modified. Improved production process of conductors has several process steps including melting, annealing, galvanic and chemical treatment. All the finished conductors and plugs have been cryogenically treated at -196 ºC in a cryogenic chamber for 72 hours.


We have changed the conductor’s design of the top purple cable line by doubling the intersection for each wire.


The insulator of “blue“, “gray” and “purple” cable lines is replaced by high-tech highest quality PFA dielectric manufactured by continuous casting in Japan. Perfectly smooth inner surface of PFA is excellent for cable insulation. Pure cotton insulator of the “blue” cable line is replaced by pure silk tube used specifically for cable insulation.


To provide reliable electromagnetic emission shielding we use a high-quality carbon shield for the “purple” cable line and a polymer shield coated with thin copper and tin foil for “gray” and “blue” ones. Both shields are produced in Japan.


All the cable lines have an undyed cotton tube between the shield and insulator. The tube improves mechanical stability and damping of the cables.


The replacement of insulation allowed us to reach the full potential of used rare metal conductors. We have achieved higher resolution, musical emotionality and more stable musical range in edges.


The use of the shields has favourable impact on focus and coherence of musical image. The images have more natural dimensions and more clear contours. Music scene becomes deeper and more transparent, you can clearly hear the air between the virtual sound sources. Hall acoustics becomes more clear, with rich reverberation.


All these innovations allowed us to provide more dense sound with higher resolution and improved bass control while maintaining the specific brand sound of the Arkana Research cables.