About cables


Arkana Research make no compromises and do not try to save on used components of our cables. In addition to the rare metal conductors Arkana cables are constructed using an insulator made of PFA fluorpolymer (perfluoroalkoxy alkane) which is a high-quality, purified insulator with a perfectly smooth inner surface. The insulator has shown excellent results. Additionally, an electromagnetic polymer shielding (including carbon shielding) protects our cables from high frequency noise and prevents any influence of one cable to another.


When designing Arkana cables, we paid particular attention to connectors and power plugs from leading manufacturers. Our experts listened to cable prototypes with numerous connectors and plugs in world-class audio systems for thousands of hours. This ensured we identified the most natural sounding combinations of conductor type (metal) and connector for each Arkana cable line.


For RCA interconnects we use gold-plate WBT Nextgen connectors manufactured in Germany. Our top of line interconnects use unique, Japanese hand-made connectors from Acoustic Revive. These connectors are coated with silver and rhodium. Oyaide power plugs have been carefully selected for the best sound performance in combination with our different conductor types. Oyaide and Acoustic Revive spades and banana plugs are used on our speaker cables. Our entry-level line of cables use Neutrik, Oyaide connectors and Wattgate power plugs.


The research and development performed by Arkana engineers allows us to offer all High-End audio aficionados the full spectrum of interconnects, power cords, and speaker cables with perfect linearity of audio signals and the highest micro-dynamic resolution while still providing extremely smooth and emotional sound. Minimal cable impact on amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics of emitted signal provides coherent, accurate, and appealing sound.


In terms of measurable parameters, Arkana cables have a unique combination of resistance, capacitance, and inductance. A balance between these parameters is a contributing factor to the “Arkana  Sound“.

The Arkana sound is characterized by volume, physicality, and a holographic natural presentation of music images. Thus from our entry line up through to our top of the line series each cable has its own unique sound signature. Each conductor (metal) has its own level of resolution and sound features. Each of these provide a sound environment that cannot be obtained using copper and/or silver cables. The increased detail and resolution of Arkana cables make subtle performance and vocal differences distinguishable. Acoustic properties of different rooms in different recordings are well defined with overhang and natural reverberation.

In short, Arkana cables harmonize the sound of any well designed system of properly selected audio components.


All Arkana cables are hand crafted by experienced artisans ensuring our products are of the highest quality available. All Arkana cables come with a lifetime warranty to the original owner.


All Arkana cables constructed with the improved conductors, high-quality PFA insulator and modern polymer shielding are marked as MKII.